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Schmuckatelli Co. is a U.S.A. manufacturing company making cast oil rubbed finished bronze shift knobs utilizing the Classic Lost Wax Casting Method. These knobs are the only 100% Made in the USA metal (bronze) “Skull” shift knobs out there. Mike Keough the owner is an avid Hot Rod fan and he built his 1st ride at age 15, a 1951 Chevy Panel Truck. Unfortunately he also put a piston rod through the side of the block during the 1st 10 miles of running it on the freeway. The rod journals seemed snug at the time and who knew anything about a frigging plastigage….

Well after 10 years making highly detailed beads and lanyards for the knife world we are taking a shot at making the best shift knobs ever made. Each one an individual heirloom and piece of artistic sculpture.

We are proud to announce our new CAMBRIA STUDIO is complete and ready to help Schmuckatelli Co. improve its products and customer service.

Q. What does the name Schmuckatelli mean or come from?

A. In his youth the owner of Schmuckatelli Co. & his buddies used an invisible character named Joe Schmuckatelli to solve the unsolvable or to answer the unanswerable. Usually the unknown was answered with a “why don’t you go ask Joe Schmuckatelli” response.

Schmuckatelli also has a military tradition as best explained below:


Schmuckatelli — An unnamed junior Marine (e.g. Private Schmuckatelli, field day the shop).

Q. Where are your products produced?

A. All of our products are 100% U.S.A. made (ask our competition about theirs). All our Shift Knobs are cast and finished in the U.S.A.


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